I’m Back!

When I first set up this blog, I had great plans to post items frequently. But you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice & men – and all the rest of us. Like those of mice & men, my plans did go astray — very far astray. Indeed, I think my plans went around the world & maybe into the galaxy for a while.

At any rate, they’ve come home now and I have a whole bunch of things to add to this blog. The things I’ll be adding are a pretty eclectic bunch. If you know me or have looked at the About Me page here, you know that I have a wide collection of interests & experiences.  So I suppose that my ending up with an eclectic blog was inevitable.

I’m planning to keep topics on separate pages so you can find what interests you easily via the tabs at the top of the main page. But I’m still getting the hang of using WordPress, so I may not get things exactly as I want them right away.

I’ll also do my best to show which posts will be more interesting to my younger readers, and which posts are more for adults. And kids, by “more for adults” I do not mean R rated; I just mean you may well get bored reading them.

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