I Have A Dog Named Bisky

Yes, her name is Bisky — not Bingo.  Bisky is short for Biscotti, like the Italian cookie. I chose the name because she is very sweet and sort of the the color of the cookie.  When we adopted her in February last year, she was a timid little thing with her tail constantly tucked tightly between her hind legs. We got her from the Washington Animal Rescue League, a great organization.

All the League could tell us about Bisky was that she had come to them from Georgia at the end of October 2008 and that she must have lost her left front leg soon before that. I saw her on the League web site and took my husband to look at her in person. He was not so sure, but I knew she was the dog for me as soon as I met her. In the months since we brought Bisky home, the whole family has fallen in love with her and she has become a happy bouncy — and occasionally bossy — dog. And she runs around with her tail high up like a banner, when she isn’t wagging it.

As for having only three legs, that does not slow her down at all. I’d be delighted if I could run as fast as my dog, because it would me that I was in really great shape.

This isn’t the best picture we have of Bisk, but I’m sure it will convince you that I am correct when I say that I have the cutest three-legged dog in the Western Hemisphere — unless, of course, you have a three-legged dog of your own.

Bisky playing with a roll of calculator paper. She loves playing with junk mail too.

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