My New Show: Theme & Variations

I have a new solo exhibit up and there is an reception of Saturday March 25 from 2-4 PM. If you can’t make it then, consider holding the date and coming for an artist talk session from 2-4 on April 8. My show is in the Fisher Gallery at the Schlesinger Center of Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria campus. (Exact address: 4915 East Campus Drive, Alexandria VA. Phone: 703-845-6156.)


Old Street Suite is an artist book I made for this show.

This should be a particularly fun reception, with a lot of eye and ear candy for everyone. The Schlesinger Center has three art galleries and a performance hall; and the reception is for the three current solo shows. This year, the Center also has a really interesting site-specific piece in the lobby. So you get four artists’ work in one afternoon. Plus a live jazz ensemble. And, of course, refreshments. The building has lots of windows so it won’t be too hard to come in out of a lovely spring day. If you have kids, please bring them. The design of the building is much more kid-friendly than most art galleries.

The other two shows are of abstract paintings by Lina Alattar and Cheryl Edwards; the site-specific piece is by John M. Adams. I feel like I’m in very good company, as you can see if you look at the Galleries blog here: and East City Art’s story about John’s piece here:

This show is different from my previous solo shows, though it has elements in common with them. For past exhibitions, I’ve created collections of pieces around a theme, and most of the work has been two-dimensional figurative pieces presented in the traditional manner: framed prints hung on the wall. However, before I got into photography, I was a book and paper artist, and I’ve continued to be interested in using my images in paper art. Last year, I started making and exhibiting lenticular pictures, as well as sculptural of artist books.

This show has much more three-dimensional work than my previous shows, and some of it is more abstract. Also, I took a different approach to making it. This time, the theme of the show is artistic process, rather than content of the images. Many people come to the Schlesinger Center for performances so I wanted to invite viewers to consider ways in which the artistic process of composers, musicians, and other performers is similar to that of visual artists.

In creating this show, I tried to work like a composer taking a melody and creating variations on it. I used a small number of digital photographs that I took near the Old Street tube stop in London and made a variety of two and three dimensional paper works, including prints, sculptural artist books, lenticular pictures, and a mobile. The Old Street pictures form the ‘melody’ of the exhibit, with the artworks being the variations.

I really appreciate the help and support I got from the staff at the Schlesinger Center. Gallery Director Mary Higgins is wonderful and has a great staff who’ve made my work look its best.

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