Moving Pictures & Standing Books

My latest solo exhibit, Moving Pictures & Standing Books, is at Washington Printmakers Gallery. WPG is one of the oldest artist run coop galleries in the DC area, and specializes in hand-pulled prints, fine art photography and artist books. It’s on Book Hill in upper Georgetown near several other galleries and some places with yummy food. The address is 1641 Wisconsin Avenue NW and the gallery’s hours are 11-6 Thurs-Sat, 12-5 Sun, and by appointment. The show is up through April 29, with an artist reception 2-4 on Sunday, April 8 and a hands-on book art workshop 4-6 on Saturday, April 15.

show going up

Here’s a picture of part of the show as we were hanging it. You can see the lenticular made from the spliced image that I have as the header image on this page. You can’t see it well here, but “Our Better Angels” — one of the artist books below the lenticular — features images of people at various marches in DC during 2017.

This show is a combination of lenticular pictures and sculptural artist books. Lenticular pictures combine two images so that viewers moving by see one picture from one side and a different one from the other side. My last show, Double Takes, was made up entirely lenticulars that combined historic photos with present day images to draw viewers into considering the relationship between events. You can read more about lenticulars, and see why I’m calling them “moving pictures” in this piece about my last show: Whats a lenticular picture?

In this show, I’ve got some of these historic-present day lenticulars. I’ve included Women Marchers: 1913 & 2017, which was in Double Takes; and I’ve made a new one featuring high school student demonstrators. I’ve also made some new pieces made with pairs of my own present day photos. I’m also experimenting with some new ways to use the spliced images I’ve created to make the lenticulars. I’ve done some pieces that uses one of these images to create a piece with cut pleats, and I’ve made a sculptural artist book layering varied edits of the spliced image at the top of this page.

Milan Stair View Lenticulars-3

This is the spliced image that was used to create the cut pleat piece shown in the picture above.

I’m determined to become a better blogger and keep my web sites up to date from now on, so I’ll try to show more of more pieces and talk about how they are made in the coming weeks. Please let me know if you have questions or particular aspects of the work you’d like to read more about.

In the meanwhile, if you are in/near Georgetown, please stop by the gallery. In addition to my show, you can see a group show by the gallery’s other artists, and check out exhibits at several other galleries. See: and

Finally, here is a picture of a standing book on the move from my Instagram account:


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